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Path to Victory Gamebooks

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In Shadows over Sylvania you take on the role of a Vampire thrall of one of the bloodthirsty rulers of the accursed county of Sylvania.

A Path to Victory gamebook.

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Jonathan Green

February 2013

$ 19.99

You are Absalom Kross, a devoted member of the Knights Panther and you are dedicated to the defence of the City of the White Wolf. While out in the forest surrounding the city, you uncover evidence of a plot to destroy Middenheim from within and are dispatched to bring its perpetrators to justice.

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M.F. Bradshaw

April 2012

$ 19.99

Launching an all-new series of Warhammer 40,000 adventure books, take on the role of an Imperial Guardsman fighting against the forces of Chaos during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.

Fewer than 15 left

C Z Dunn

September 2011

$ 19.99

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