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Angels of Darkness (Direct Exclusive)

Angels of Darkness (Direct Exclusive)
Angels of Darkness (Direct Exclusive)


The Dark Angels Space Marines are amongst the most devout of the God-Emperor's servants. Their loyalty is seemingly beyond question and their faith almost fanatical. Yet the Chapter harbours a dark and horrific secret that stretches back over ten thousand years to the time of the Horus Heresy. When Dark Angels Chaplain Boreas captures and interrogates one of the Fallen, the past collides with the future with tragic consequences.


Gav Thorpe’s classic Dark Angels novel is re-presented in a new edition, complete with an afterword by the author. Please note: the eBook version of Angels of Darkness does not contain the author afterword.

January 2013 • 240 pages, softback. • ISBN 9781849704861

Gav Thorpe

$ 19.99
$ 11.99

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