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Across a hundred blasted war-zones upon a dozen bloody worlds, the convict soldiers of the 13th Penal Legion fight a desperate battle for redemption in the eyes of the immortal Emperor.

June 2013

When the ageing commander of the Warlord-class Battle Titan Imperius Dictatio dies in the heat of battle, it falls to Cadet Princeps Erwin Hekate to take control of the mighty war machine and save it – and his comrades – from certain destruction.

Dan Abnett

March 2013

$ 40.00

In Shadows over Sylvania you take on the role of a Vampire thrall of one of the bloodthirsty rulers of the accursed county of Sylvania.

A Path to Victory gamebook.

Jonathan Green

February 2013

$ 19.99

The First Legion, Sons of the Lion, Scions of Caliban, The Unforgiven... By all of these names and more are they known, but by one above all: the Dark Angels.

Edited by Graeme Lyon

January 2013

From the war-torn battlefields of Ultramar to the haunted depths of a tyranid hive ship, the Space Marines bring the Emperor’s wrath to heir foes in this collection of audio drama scripts.

Less than 10 copies left.

December 2012

Dark powers are at work on the planet of Nicodemus and Inquisitor Defay and his young apprentice, Gravier, are sent to investigate.

Dan Abnett, Simon Coleby and Jim Brady

November 2012

$ 29.95

The ace ork pilots of Deff Skwadron return to action in tales of action and adventure in the skies.

Gordon Rennie & Paul Jeacock

June 2012

$ 17.50

You are Absalom Kross, a devoted member of the Knights Panther and you are dedicated to the defence of the City of the White Wolf. While out in the forest surrounding the city, you uncover evidence of a plot to destroy Middenheim from within and are dispatched to bring its perpetrators to justice.

M.F. Bradshaw

April 2012

$ 19.99

In the nightmare underworld of Necromunda, gangs clash in desperate battles to increase their standing with the decadent families who occupy the spire of their teeming hive city.

Lucien Soulban, Nick Kyme, Matt Keefe, Jonathan Green and Simon Jowett

March 2012

This omnibus edition contains the complete Kal Jerico comic series, including “Above and Beyond”, and the novels Blood Royal, Cardinal Crimson and Lasgun Wedding.

November 2011

Launching an all-new series of Warhammer 40,000 adventure books, take on the role of an Imperial Guardsman fighting against the forces of Chaos during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.

C Z Dunn

September 2011

$ 19.99

The Night Lords space marines prepare to invade an Imperial Hive world. Meanwhile, on the surface, one of their advanced landing party is being hunted!

Simon Spurrier

July 2011

$ 11.99

As Chaos descends on the Imperium, Iron-Father Gdolkin embarks on a desperate quest to recover an ancient artefact that could turn the tide of war and solve an ancient mystery.

Jonathan Green

May 2011

From the frozen wastes of Naggaroth to the magic-tinged shores of Ulthuan, cursed dark elf Malus Darkblade cuts a bloody swathe across the Warhammer world in his quests to sate the daemon Tz’arkan and fulfill his own warped ambitions.

Dan Abnett & Kev Hopgood

April 2011

$ 29.95

Survival Instinct, Salvation and Junktion return with a host of short stories in this Necromunda omnibus.

March 2011

Across the bloody battlefields of Armageddon, Marshall Brant commands his forces in the brutal war against the greenskin horde leading missions of honour, rescue and revenge.

Jonathan Green

February 2011

Black Library presents an epic celebration of the art of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Compiled by John Blanche from over thirteen years of astonishing images.

John Blanche

January 2011

$ 29.95

Karl Hoche is a proud army officer, sworn to destroy the insidious forces of Chaos. Having unveiled a dark plot within the Reiksguard, Hoche attracts the attention of a clandestine group sworn to combat the Runious Powers.

Less than 25 copies left.

James Wallis

August 2010

$ 29.95

The Deathwatch return in this Print on Demand omnibus of Warrior Brood and Warrior Coven with bonus comic strip content, the long out of print Deathwatch graphic novel.

C.S. Goto, Jim Alexander and Graham Stoddart.

June 2010

The first ever anthology dedicated to the Blood Angels and theirsuccessor chapters available exclusively as a Print on Demand title.

Edited by Christian Dunn

April 2010

Gordon Rennie’s classic space combat duology returns as a Print on Demand omnibus with bonus comic strip content.

Gordon Rennie

March 2010

The long out-of-print guide to Space Marine heraldry by Alan Merrett is back as an A4 full-colour Print on Demand title.

Alan Merrett

March 2010

First published in 1993 at atime when the background to the Warhammer 40,000 universe was still ina state of flux, this book follows threeyoung Imperial Fist recruits.

Ian Watson

March 2010

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