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Gaunt's Ghosts: The Warmaster (Special Edition)


Gaunt's Ghosts: The Warmaster (Special Edition)

A Gaunt's Ghosts Special Edition

Returning to the crusade's heart after a dangerous mission, Colonel-Commissar Gaunt is thrust into intrigue while his Ghosts face a threat to their very existence.

It's been a long time, but Gaunt's Ghosts are back! After the dangers of Salvation's Reach, the Tanith are thrown into something new and different for them, but just as dangerous as their previous adventures… And this edition is a true artefact, packed with extras for Gaunt's Ghosts fans.

After the success of their desperate mission to Salvation's Reach, Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and the Tanith First race to the strategically vital forge world of Urdesh, besieged by the brutal armies of Anarch Sek. However, there may be more at stake than just a planet. The Imperial forces have made an attempt to divide and conquer their enemy, but with Warmaster Macaroth himself commanding the Urdesh campaign, it is possible that the Archenemy assault has a different purpose - to decapitate the Imperial command structure with a single blow. Has the Warmaster allowed himself to become an unwitting target? And can Gaunt's Ghosts possibly defend him against the assembled killers and war machines of Chaos?

Written by Dan Abnett

– 352-page cloth-wrapped hardback novel with marker ribbon and bonus short story 'Killbox'
– Packaged in a crate-style infantryman supply box with additional items, including:
– 140-page hardback journal
– Tanith regimental flag
– Metal Tanith pin badge
– Highness Ser Armaduke fabric uniform patch
– Oan Mkoll dog-tag
– The Warmaster art print
– Signed by Dan Abnett
– Individually numbered from an edition of 2,500

This title will be available to order on the 2nd December.