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Gallery Prints: The Horus Heresy Volume Four

Physical Bundles

Gallery Prints: The Horus Heresy Volume Four

5 Gallery Prints for the price of 4!

For the first time, get five of Neil Roberts' iconic Horus Heresy covers in a great value collection. Each is finely printed on thick paper and card-mounted ready to display on your wall. Turn your home (or office, or wherever you want, really) into a gallery of amazing war-torn art.


Age of Darkness
The Outcast Dead
Deliverance Lost
Know No Fear
The Primarchs

All art by Neil Roberts

Age of Darkness: Horus, the Warmaster, is displayed here in all his dark glory. Powered by Chaos and swearing an end to his father's Imperium, this is Horus the conquerer, Horus the would-be Emperor, Horus the Traitor.

The Outcast Dead: In the depths of Terra's hive cities, a cowering astropath is guarded – or is he held prisoner? – by a group of Space Marines in a motley collection of scavenged armour. A unique and atmospheric Horus Heresy cover.

Deliverance Lost: The Lord of Ravens bursts into battle on his winged harness in this epic piece of art. Flanked by his legionaries and with a dizzying perspective on the landscape around him, this is a stunning piece for display.

Know No Fear: One of the Horus Heresy's most iconic images sees Ultramarines primarch Roboute Guilliman standing on the hull of a starship, punching off a traitor Word Bearer's head. It really doesn't get any better.

The Primarchs: Nine of the Imperium's greatest heroes, sons of the Emperor Himself, stand in easy conversation on a gallery at Ullanor. Little do they know that within a decade they'll be locked in deadly war... A true classic from Neil Roberts.

Each print is one of a series of premium quality Gallery Prints, selected from amongst the very finest Black Library art. They are A3 size (297mm X 420mm), printed on 260gsm Linen White paper and supplied in a card-mount frame, ready to display. Each is part of a limited run of 50 copies and is only available direct from Black Library.