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Gallery Prints: The Horus Heresy Volume Three

Physical Bundles

Gallery Prints: The Horus Heresy Volume Three

5 Gallery Prints for the price of 4!

For the first time, get five of Neil Roberts' iconic Horus Heresy covers in a great value collection. Each is finely printed on thick paper and card-mounted ready to display on your wall. Turn your home (or office, or wherever you want, really) into a gallery of amazing war-torn art.


Fallen Angels
A Thousand Sons
The First Heretic
Prospero Burns

All art by Neil Roberts

Fallen Angels: The Angels of Caliban assemble for war! An entire army of Dark Angels is displayed, with war in the background. But are they loyalists or traitors...?

A Thousand Sons: The warrior-sorcerers of the Thousand Sons march to battle, commanded by the imposing presence of their primarch, Magnus the Red. A classic piece of art by Neil Roberts.

Nemesis: The war for mankind's future descends into the shadows, as a sinister Culexus Assassin, on the hunt for the deadliest of prey, travels through dangerous tunnels.

The First Heretic: The Emperor's Custodian Guard are attacked by the most monstrous of foes: Space Marines possessed by daemons! The Gal Vorbak, the most blessed/cursed (delete according to your tastes) of the Word Bearers turn on their allies in a shocking act of betrayal, and a fantastic piece of art.

Prospero Burns: War comes to the pyramids of Tizca, in the form of Leman Russ and his savage Space Wolves. This iconic portrayal of the primarch – complete with his snarling Fenrisian wolf companions, Freki and Geri – is available in a deluxe format for the first time.

Each print is one of a series of premium quality Gallery Prints, selected from amongst the very finest Black Library art. They are A3 size (297mm X 420mm), printed on 260gsm Linen White paper and supplied in a card-mount frame, ready to display. Each is part of a limited run of 50 copies and is only available direct from Black Library.