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Gallery Prints: The Horus Heresy Volume One

Physical Bundles

Gallery Prints: The Horus Heresy Volume One

5 Gallery Prints for the price of 4!

For the first time, get the iconic cover art to the first five books in the bestselling Horus Heresy series together in one collection, each of them finely printed on think paper and card-mounted ready to display on your wall. Turn your home (or office, or wherever you want, really) into a gallery of amazing war-torn art.

Horus Rising by Neil Roberts
False Gods by Phil Sibbering
Galaxy in Flames by Neil Roberts
The Flight of the Eisenstein by Neil Roberts
Fulgrim by Neil Roberts


Horus Rising: Ranks of Sons of Horus stand ready, but to whom is their loyalty? The Emperor, or their soon-to-be turncoat Warmaster?

False Gods: One of the few images of the Luna Wolves, resplendent in their gleaming white armour. A must-have for any Son of Horus who wants to remember what the Legion was like before it all went horribly wrong...

Galaxy in Flames:Battle is joined, as brother fights brother for thie first time in this depiction of the battle of Isstvan III. Death Guard and Sons of Horus battle to the death, while a mighty Titan looms in the background, ready to strike...

The Flight of the Eisenstein:The first depiction of the truth of Chaos on a Horus Heresy cover sees a truly monstrous Great Unclean One clashing with an entire army of Space Marines, as heroes struggle to survive this daemonic onslaught.

Fulgrim: Isstvan V, and the Dropsite Massacre. Legions clash, primarchs duel in the background and the battle stretches off into the distance, an apocalyptic portrayal of total war...

Each print is one of a series of premium quality Gallery Prints, selected from amongst the very finest Black Library art. They are A3 size (297mm X 420mm), printed on 260gsm Linen White paper and supplied in a card-mount frame, ready to display. Each is part of a limited run of 50 copies and is only available direct from Black Library.