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Double Eagle

Dan Abnett

Double Eagle

A Sabbat Worlds novel

The war on Enothis is almost lost. Chaos forces harry the defenders on land and in the skies. Can the ace pilots of the Phantine XX turn the tide and bring the Imperium victory?

It takes the famous Sabbat Worlds Crusade to the skies, with fast-paced aeronautical action from Dan "Master of War" Abnett.

"My first thoughts when I discovered the existence of Dan Abnett's spinoff novel 'Double Eagle' were full of doubt. How could aerial combat in the 41st millennium match the ground-pounding action of Abnett's main Gaunt's Ghosts series? Feth, the Tanith First and Only weren't even in it! Despite the misgivings, I decided to give it a try. It was probably the best book-related decision I've ever made.

As far as I'm concerned, 'Double Eagle' is Dan Abnett's best novel. It has everything that makes him a great author, and it's all dialed up to nine. The settings carry us through the colourful environments of the world of Enothis, from jungles to seaside towns to snowy peaks. The character cast is wonderfully memorable, from rookie fighter pilots to down-and-out old veterans, all held together by the female lead, Commander Jagdea, and the wickedly villainous Chaos fighter pilot ace Khrel Kas Obarkon. The action is so high-octane you can feel the g-force and see the tracer rounds laddering away through the sky, and it all feeds into a wonderfully satisfying plot finale that ties together half a dozen character acts with total perfection.

Best of all, we get to see the intricacies of Imperial air operations from the ground-up, from hanger briefings to fighter refueling and refitting. Arguably this is Dan Abnett's greatest skill – breathing realism into the setting, creating a space we feel we could reach out and touch, even inhabit. The author has previously spoken about his love of history and how he'd wanted to capture the feel of the Battle of Britain in the far future. This homage to reality is part of what I think gives this book its bedrock, a foundation on which the plot is woven.

We may have to wait a long time to see the rumoured sequel, 'Interceptor City', but that's okay. I guarantee you'll want to read 'Double Eagle' more than once anyway."

– Robbie MacNiven

While the Space Marines and Imperial Guard rule the battlefields of the Sabbat Worlds, the skies belong to the Imperial Navy. On Enothis, the enemy are threatening to halt the Imperial advance. Daemonic forces push into Imperial territory, thousands of refugees flee across the deserts and an infamous Chaos-tainted pilot, Khrel Kas Obarkon, rules the sky, his skill in the cockpit matched only by his kill tally. The ace pilots of the Phantine Twentieth Fighter Corps are the Imperium's only hope for victory.

Written by Dan Abnett

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