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Flesh Tearers

Andy Smillie

Flesh Tearers

A Space Marine Battles omnibus

The Flesh Tearers are the second sons of the Angel, the savage and bloodthirsty denizens of Cretacia. This collection shows their tempestuous beginnings in the wake of the Horus Heresy, and their battles for survival in the 41st milennium.

For the first time, Andy Smillie's complete Flesh Tearers tales are collected in one handy paperback. Both their founder Amit and current Chapter Master Gabriel Seth are explored in depth, in tales that are as fascinating and psychologically deep as they are action-packed and blood-soaked.

Formed in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, the Flesh Tearers, veterans of the Blood Angels Legion, are infamous for their bloodthirsty deeds. As they wage war in the Emperor's name, rumours of deviancy and brutality follow in their wake, and the Chapter will have to face their accusers if they are to forge their own destiny.

This omnibus collects together the novellas Flesh of Cretacia, Sons of Wrath and Trial by Blood by Andy Smillie.