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Battletome: Stormcast Extremis

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Battletome: Stormcast Extremis

With his Stormcast Eternals spreading across the Realms, it is time for the next stage in Sigmar's plan and the next evolution of his celestial armies – the Extremis Chambers. Lightning-forged warriors riding the children of the Great Drake Dracothion, these shock troops will change the face of the Realmgate Wars. Learn about their origins and forge your own force with this battletome.

It's your complete guide to the forces of the Extremis Chambers, complete with their origins, organisation, uniform guides and, of course, all the rules you need to use them in your games – plus new battleplans perfectly suited to their abilites.

Descending from darkened, riven skies on startlingly powerful Stardrakes, thundering forward toward the battle lines on vengeful Dracoths, the Extremis Chamber of the Stormcast Eternals approaches to make war. The heavy cavalry of the heavens, this is the ultimate expression of the power of the god-king Sigmar – an incredible display of celestial might designed to take down the most hideously brutal creatures of Chaos, reclaiming the mortal realms for Order. Created from the most indomitable Stormcast Eternals, and aided in their creation by Dracothion himself, the Extremis Chambers are an unstoppable spear-thrust, shattering the armour of Chaos and posing a true challenge to the grip of the Dark Gods.

This eBook Battletome contains all the information and rules you need in order to field the Extremis Chamber, Azyr’s mightiest battlefield formations – their organisation, structure, tactics, heraldry and retinues. Included are:

  • Extensive background and information on the Extremis Chamber – who they are, how they organise themselves and how the take the fight to Chaos in the mortal realms

  • Warscrolls for each and every member of the Stormcast Eternals Extremis Chamber, with rules for deployment

  • Four Warscroll Battalions, powerful detachments of heavenly warriors with their own special rules

  • Two linked Battleplans – scenarios designed to test the mightiest of Sigmar’s warriors in fierce combat with their own strategies and rules

  • Comprehensive information on organisation, colour schemes and markings of the various Stormhosts

  • A stunning showcase of beautifully-painted Citadel miniatures, backed up by amazing artwork and fantastic stories from the mortal realms

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