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Limited Edition: Betrayal at Calth

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Limited Edition: Betrayal at Calth

Fewer than 400 left

The complete story of the battle between the Honoured and the Unburdened beneath the surface of Calth. Two old allies, now bitter foes, clash in the darkness, and only one will survive...

It's both sides of the story in one gorgeous box set. Two interlinking stories set in the caverns beneath Calth see the Ultramarines and Word Bearers battle to the death. And it might just be everybody's death, because there's something else in the darkness waiting to be unleashed from beyond the veil...

The Word Bearers' attack on Calth has devastated the planet and driven the survivors, Ultramarines and Word Bearers alike, into the caverns beneath the planet's surface. The Underworld War has begun. Old comrades Kurtha Sedd of the Word Bearers and Steloc Aethon of the Ultramarines clash in a series of battles that can only end in the death of one of them... or both.

Limited to just 2,000 copies worldwide, 'Betrayal at Calth' contains the novels 'The Honoured' by Rob Sanders and 'The Unburdened' by David Annandale. Each volume has black gilt-edged pages and exclusive endpapers featuring the sigils of the Legions – the heroic Ultramarines for 'The Honoured' and the villainous Word Bearers in 'The Unburdened'. They come packaged in a uniquely numbered slipcase with gold foiling and an iconic depiction of the heroes of the novels clashing in a desperate duel for dominance.

Written by David Annandale and Rob Sanders

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