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25 For 25 (eBook)

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25 For 25 (eBook)

An exclusive Black Library product to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Warhammer 40,000.

25 For 25 is a collection of 25 of the best Warhammer 40,000 short stories.

Table of contents:

Pestilence - Dan Abnett (Inferno!)
Wrath of Kharn - William King (Dark Imperium)
Sacrifice - Ben Counter (Victories of the Space Marines)
Red Reward - Mitchel Scanlon (Bringers of Death)
The Last Detail - Paul Kearney (Legends of the Space Marines)
At Gaius Point - Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Legends of the Space Marines)
Mistress Baeda's Gift - Braden Campbell (Fear the Alien)
Survivor - Steve Parker (Hammer and Bolter: Issue Nine)
The Heraclitus Effect - Graham McNeill (Planetkill)
Flesh - Chris Wraight (Hammer and Bolter: Issue Seven)
Even Unto Death - Mike Lee (Bringers of Death)
The Carrion Anthem - David Annandale (Hammer and Bolter: Issue Eleven)
Bitter End - Sarah Cawkwell (Hammer and Bolter: Issue Twelve)
On Mournful Wings - Simon Spurrier (Crucible of War)
Ancient History - Andy Chambers (Let the Galaxy Burn)
The Burning - Nick Kyme (Hammer and Bolter: Issue Fourteen)
A Good Man - Sandy Mitchell (The Sabbat Worlds Anthology)
Suffer Not The Unclean To Live - Gav Thorpe (Deathwing)
Orphans of the Kraken - Richard Williams (Legends of the Space Marines)
Bloodline - James Swallow - (Games Day 2010 Chapbook)
Snares and Delusions - Matthew Farrer (Dark Imperium)
The Curiosity - Dan Abnett (Crucible of War)
The Skull Harvest - Graham McNeill (Heroes of the Space Marines)
Gate of Souls - Mike Lee (Tales from the Dark Millenium)
Xenocide - Simon Jowett (Bringers of Death)

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