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Advent Calendar 2012 eBundle

Advent Calendar 2012 eBundle
Advent Calendar 2012 eBundle


Explore the haunted forests of the Empire, the war-torn battlefields of Isstvan V and the rituals of the Space Marines in this collection of twenty-one short stories and three short audio dramas. Featuring stories set in the worlds of Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and the Horus Heresy by authors including Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill and James Swallow, plus a host of rising stars and new faces, this is the ultimate collection of short Black Library fiction.


  • Born to Us - Dan Abnett
  • Binding - Ray Harrison
  • The Riddle of Scorpions - Josh Reynolds
  • Failure's Reward - Chris Wraight
  • The Quickening - Andy Smillie
  • Never Forgive - Gav Thorpe
  • Warmaster - John French
  • Dust - Graham McNeill
  • Last Watch - L J Goulding
  • Thanqoul Triumphant - C L Werner
  • The Emperor's Chosen - Mike Lee
  • Voyage of the Sunspear - Ben Counter
  • The Third Wise Man - Nik Vincent
  • Strike and Fade - Guy Haley
  • Honours - James Swallow
  • Deliverance Detail - David Guymer
  • The Contest - Jordan Ellinger
  • The Little Things - Sandy Mitchell
  • On The Heels Of Morkai - Nick Kyme
  • The Last Little Bit - Robert Earl
  • Like Father, Like Son - Mark Latham
  • Out Caste - Peter Fehervari
  • Czevak to the Dark Tower Came - Rob Sanders
  • Veritas Ferrum - David Annandale


This eBundle collects every short story released for Black Library's Advent Calendar 2012.

January 2013 • eBooks and mp3 files contained within a zip archive • ISBN 9780857879615

edited by G M Lyon

$ 30.00

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